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Multi-Media commentary on life, death, and consumerism. Featured at the John Sommers Gallery.

This piece is a social experiment requiring investigation, communication, and participation. Push Pull Turn is an illuminated acrylic box situated in front of a projected video. The video shows planet earth slowly rotating. The box has a handle to push, a handle to pull, and a hand crank to turn. The piece can be activated by no fewer than three participants, causing the video to zoom in or out, eventually zooming in on the viewer's geographic location.

Featured The Paseo Taos inside The Space Cloud, and at the ARTS lab in ABQ.


An experimental painting series shown in a juried show at the David Richard Gallery

The Radio Confessional is a stand-alone structure that is equipped with FM broadcast capabilities. Open to the public, the interior is wired with microphones that broadcast any and all live audio content to an open FM radio frequency. The Radio Confessional provides a comfortable platform for unique and interactive collaboration with the under-explored medium of radio. This piece opens the possibility of chance encounters with people listening in the area, who may not otherwise be exposed to such raw forms of expression. Featured at the CCA in Santa Fe and at The Paseo in Taos


This project was inspired by the fully operational prototype; A mobile pirate radio broadcast tricycle that was featured at the Black Arts Market Gallery in Albuquerque NM. This prototype inspired the proposal for a global fleet of interconnected mobile pirate radio stations. This project was given the Honorable Mention at PRIXARS Electronica.

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