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"Push Pull Turn" accepted for The Paseo 2018 festival!

Parkers latest interactive piece, "Push Pull Turn" has been accepted to The Paseo 2018 interactive art festival. PUSH PULL TURN is a social experiment in participation and communication. The piece is an illuminated acrylic box situated in front of a projected video. The video shows planet earth slowly rotating. The box has a handle to push, a handle to pull, and a hand crank to turn. The mechanics can been seen through the box's clear lid, however no instructions are offered regarding how the device is operated. The piece can only be activated by no fewer than three participants. One handle must be pushed for the other handle be pulled. These actions together allow the hand crank to turn. The hand crank controls the playback of the video. Once the hand crank turns, the video begins to zoom in or out depending on which direction the crank is turned. The video will eventually zoom in on Taos and the location of the piece itself. If at any point one of the participants gives up on their task, the mechanics of the box will lock up and the video will return to the default view of the rotating earth.Viewers must investigate, question, and communicate in order to access the rewards of PUSH PULL TURN.

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