check out the new sticker and scoop one up in the Meow Wold gift shop in Santa Fe or message me and I can send you one!


 In this brief talk I explain how I turned a homemade outhouse into a homemade pirate radio booth.


Parkers latest interactive piece, "Push Pull Turn" has been accepted to The Paseo 2018 interactive art festival.  PUSH PULL TURN is a social experiment in participation and communication. The piece is an illuminated acrylic box situated in front of a projected video. T...


Micayla A. Duran and dance collective Uroboros just wrapped up a successful summer of weekly performances for Meow Wolf's "Summer in the Miltiverse".  

Uroboros (u-RO-bo-ros) is a new, collaborative, and experimental dance collective in Santa Fe, NM. Their work is thoughtfully created, mixing sensibilities of movement, sound, concept, feeling and design, to form a relationship with the space and time they perform in....


Micayla will be performing with her new dance collective, Uroboros, Saturday March 4th at the CCA.    


I am so excited to be a part of this unprecedented experiment here in Santa Fe.  If you have not been to Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return.... what are you waiting for?  There is truly nothing like it.  


Parker is showing a series of new works at the David Richards gallery now through November 19.



The Paseo, interactive art festival in Taos, NM, was a huge success!  The Radio Confessional had a constant stream of people eagar to enter the booth and express themselves live on the radio.  

 I placed boom boxes, along with these signs, all around the festival...


The Radio Confessional has been accepted into the Paseo interactive arts festival in Taos, NM. The Radio Confessional is an interactive radio piece by Parker Jennings.  It is a cozy stand-alone structure that is equipped with low range broadcast capabilities. The inter...

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